Sunday, May 13, 2007

too expensive?

i read an article in newsweek recently entitled "Baby Needs A New Pair of Shoes" . It made me angry, as articles like this usually do. It only costs as much as you state to rear a child if you want it to. We have six children and earn - only my husband works outside the home so daycare costs are nonexistant- only a little over what it says it takes to rear a child, let alone other living expenses!

We don't buy all the fancy useless equipment- all these things to carry a baby, whatever happened to arms- and we shop wisely, not buying the most expensive brand, which is usually no better than a less expensive one.

We eat organically and homeschool, spending our money on the best in both areas.

We homebirth (with a midwife) so costs are kept lower.Much safer that way too!

Our children don't get every toy or new thing that comes down the line.

It only costs as much as the article states it does if you buy things you don't need. No bottles or formula here- we breastfeed. Baby wipes? We use a cloth run under the sink! Cloth diapers cost less and are better for the environment. They are not harder to use than disposables.

The list goes on but I'll spare you.
Th bottom line is that articles like this scare couples away from having children because they feel they can't afford it and that is simply not true.

Whatever happened to trusting God?